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Manager David Unrich, VP Operations
Associate Ken Jones, Graeme Horton



Scansat was formed in xxxx and I was contracted by PCL to assist the Operations Manager in the creation of a Symphony database system. 

The initial system related to "interstitial" material; that is the broadcast material that comes between programmes.

After four days I was offered a longer term contract directly with Scansat

This involved:

The system was further developed to include:


As TV3 developed and grew, my responsibilities increased and I also became:

When it was decided to move the facility from Camden to West Drayton, I was intimately involved with the design of the network and the management of the suppliers who were installing the network. At the same time, I joined the staff of what was now called TV3 .


The databases of commercials, programme and interstitial material were re-created and moved to an AS/400 located at a supplier site

As the Head of Computer Services, I was responsible for:

Skills used

Symphony, Paradox, Quattro, Word, Worperfect

Skills learnt

DDI Telephone systems, Novell 2.15 to Novell 4.0, Token Ring, Ethernet, Real Time Database Operation, General Management, Help Desk Management, PC Anywhere, Procomm Scripting