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Documentation of Installation Procedures

This was created in order to assist the installation engineers on their visits to client sites.

Information was collected from subject matter experts, formatted for ease of use and Installation engineers

Screen dumps to indicate the steps required (and the expected results on screen) during installation

Lists the internal procedures which the Installation Team leaders are required to verify to ensure that the client gets exactly (and only) that which has been approved.

Fully tested and approved by Team Leaders

WOADS Procedures

This documents the activities and responsibilities of each department  that contributes to the successful  implementation of the client site

It details the Implementation Lifecycle and the tools that are used within EDS to monitor every step of the process leading to implementation of any client site

3. Design and Creation of Intranet Site

In preparation for the production of a CD, the information collected earlier was re-formatted so that it could be viewed on the intranet for comments and amendments by all staff.

Hyperlinks were established to external references  such as the Business Requirements, Migration Policies and similarly approved documents

Feedback from staff was received and implemented as approved

4. Design and Creation of a Compact Disc

The concept was to transfer the content created  and approved (above) to a CD for the benefit of prospective clients.


This would be delivered to the client senior technical manager so that he was aware of the way that EDS works and the tools that are used to manage the implementation.


Information was transferred to the CD from the intranet site and the menu system altered to produce a standalone CD requiring only that the client had available Internet Explorer 4.0 and Word 97 or later.

Skills used

Outlook 98, Word, PowerPoint, Networking experience, establishing relationships with both Technical staff and Senior management

Skills learnt

Windows NT 4, Intranet site creation, CD writing, IS0 9000 structures for documentation