Professional On Site Training

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These are brief overviews of some of the projects that POST have been involved in

People involved
Documentation for: Viewdata, Firewall, Netscape installation
Graeme Horton, Steven Sturt, Ken Jones
Localising setup instructions for server farms: UK, Japan
Graeme Horton, Lawrie Blackburn
Documentation of installation for roll-out for the Inland Revenue
Graeme Horton, Lawrie Blackburn
Network and Application support Graeme Horton
Documentation for: Design, Evaluation, Deployment and Operations phases Graeme Horton, Jennifer Dillon, Gerald Jones
Head of Computer Services and Operations Manager for multi-lingual. multi-language satellite broadcast facility Graeme Horton, Ken Jones
Restructuring data for production of quarterly utility billing, System analysis John Pain, Graeme Horton, Jennifer Dillon